Who We Are

Deborah Giarratana


Deborah, both personally and professionally, is motivated by storytelling of all fashions. She believes narratives are what make life not only entertaining and adventurous, but relatable & inspiring.  She most recently produced THE MACHINE GUN PREACHER, starring Gerard Butler, with Marc Forster directing. She sold the life rights to the Rev. Sam Childers story and oversaw the publishing of his book, ANOTHER MAN'S WAR, about Sam’s life and present work in Sudan. Sam is a former biker gang member, courageously rescuing orphaned children, some of them child soldiers, from the war-torn rebel territory of Sudan.

She is currently in active development on several projects. She’s in development with Walden Media on the New York Times bestseller book, THE READING PROMISE, another true story about the relationship between a father and his nearly estranged daughter who set out on a challenge to stay close by reading to each other every day for 100 days, which actually turned into 3,582 days - finishing on her first day of college.  

Deborah is also developing 90 CHURCH based on the true life story of a rookie agent in a special ops agency formed to stop the war on drugs at any cost in the early years of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, before the DEA was formed.  She’s also developing & producing THE TIGER RISING, based on the book by award-winning author, Kate DiCamillo (BECAUSE OR WINN DIXIE, TALE OF DESPERAUX) about the cages we all build around us because of hurt until we find that one thing that sets us free.

Over the last 25 years Deborah has been in the entertainment business at the forefront of the emerging high-end visual effects and animation industry.  She began building film business for Pacific Data Images which went on to become Dreamworks Animation. She then went to work with James Cameron’s company, Digital Domain and billed millions of dollars in revenue up through the release of TITANIC.

For almost 12 years Deborah produced & managed film business for Sony Pictures Imageworks which is one of the leading visual effects and animation companies in the world. Over the course of her career she has been involved with big budget films such as the SPIDERMAN franchise, I AM LEGEND, WATCHMAN & ALICE IN WONDERLAND.  She recently joined Deluxe Global Entertainment to consult & expand their high-end visual effects division with studios in Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York and Australia. She became a primary vendor for most all the Marvel films.

Deborah also founded LA LOVES which is a non-profit that aids and supports artists in channelling their talents toward humanitarian efforts in and around the world. In her earlier life, she also served on staff at a large non-denominational church as worship leader and head of outreach.

Ray Giarratana

Writer / Director

Ray and his challenging Italian name (go ahead, try it "Jer - a - tanna", it just looks harder than it sounds) have been a staple in the commercial industry for the last 20 years. He began as a supervising director in award-winning visual effects for Michael Jackson music videos and other high-end commercial campaigns while at Pacific Data Images which later became Dreamworks Animation.

After PDI, Ray landed a creative role supervising and directing commercials at James Cameron's company, Digital Domain where he was the driving force behind many top commercial campaigns. While at DD, he also directed the $26 million, 70mm event film "Artist's Journey: Funk Blast" for Paul Allen's Experience Music Project in Seattle.

In 2002, while Ray was visual effects supervising for studios such as Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Pictures, he joined Limbo Films as a director to broaden his horizons and pursue more performance based work. His credits include spots for Aflac, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Hallmark, Ikea, Pontiac, Frito-Lay, Mercedes-Benz, Gatorade, Carnival Cruise Lines and many others.

In 2005, Ray's first screenplay, a romantic comedy entitled CUBAN SANDWICH, attracted the attention of Andy Garcia & James Franco. His ability to capture young characters led to his adaptation of John A. Ritter's classic book, THE BOY WHO SAVED BASEBALL. Inspired by his early musical aspirations, he wrote the original screenplay GLORY DAYZ, about a soccer dad that ends up with the biggest pop band on the planet, garnering him representation by The Dravis Agency. Ray’s most recent screenplay is an adaptation of award-winning author, Kate DiCamillo’s early book, THE TIGER RISING, which has sold more than 6 million copies to date and remains on the required reading list of schools across America.

In between his writing and directing, Ray has consulted over the years on various films such as Wes Anderson’s THE LIFE AQUATIC, David O. Russell's I HEART HUCKABEES, FUN WITH DICK & JANE.  and just last year working with Marvel on CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, shooting in locations all over the world.

Creatives love his truly collaborative working style while producers love his problem solving abilities and years of experience working with the most demanding clients. Ray brings a strong visual style to his storytelling and a honed skill at working with talent to all his work. 

Ray has won numerous awards for his work, including Clios, AICP awards, and national Emmy's