Who We Are

Deborah Giarratana


Deborah co-produced BURDEN last year that won the audience award at 2018 Sundance Film Festival.  She was also the producer behind THE MACHINE GUN PREACHER, starring Gerard Butler directed by Marc Forster, about the true story of Rev. Sam Childers, a former biker gang member, courageously rescuing orphaned children, some of them child soldiers, from the war-torn rebel territory of Sudan.  Deborah’s background also in high-end visual effects has given her opportunities to work on major blockbuster movies such as SPIDERMAN, ANT MAN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and she is especially proud of the work her team produced on this year’s blockbuster, BLACK PANTHER, that crossed the 1 billion dollar mark in just 3 weeks.

Deborah is currently in active development on 90 CHURCH, partnered with Joe Roth & Rupert Sanders directing, based on the true life story of a rookie agent in a special ops agency formed to stop the war on drugs in the FBN, before the DEA was formed; She’s also partnered with Robbie Brenner and Walden Media on the New York Times bestseller, THE READING PROMISE, the true story about a father and daughter who set to read to each other every day for 100 days, which actually turned into 3,582 days.

Deborah started her career at PDI which went on to become Dreamworks Animation, and then built new business for Jim Cameron’s Digital Domain before spending the last 12 years at Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Deborah also founded LA LOVES which is a non-profit that aids and supports artists in channelling their talents toward humanitarian efforts in and around the world. In her earlier life, she also served on staff at a large non-denominational church as worship leader and head of outreach.

Ray Giarratana

Writer / Director

Ray and his challenging Italian last name (“Jer - a - tanna”, it just looks harder than it sounds) have been a staple in the commercial industry for over 20 years. Originally visual effects supervising high-end commercials for directors like Fincher, Bay, Fuqua (and many more guys with accents) as well as music videos for artists ranging from Michael Jackson to the latest One Direction video, Ray then moved on to directing commercials for Coca- Cola, Budweiser, Mercedes, Hallmark and many others and also directed the $26 million, 70mm event film “Artist’s Journey: Funk Blast” for Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project.

Even though he came from the world of high end visual effects, Ray’s always thought of himself primarily as a storyteller which led him to adapt Kate DiCamillo’s powerful book, THE TIGER RISING. In-between his writing and directing, Ray has consulted on films for many studios.  This past year he supervised work for Legendary on their new GODZILLA film and was also excited to work for Netflix on OUTLAW KING, the story of Robert the Bruce as well as JOHN WICK 3 starring Keanu Reeves.  He has a history of working with such filmmakers & icons such as Wes Anderson,  David O. Russell, Jim Carrey, to name a few, and also consulted on several Marvel films. Ray has won numerous awards for his work, including Clios, AICP awards, and national Emmy’s.